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Pete the Cat is a pretty groovy cat. He sings, plays guitar, and has over 15 books written about him. He’s pretty much a household name and a staple in elementary classrooms and libraries.

Preschoolers, kindergarten students, and even older kids know Pete the Cat absolutely love his stories, songs, and more. If you have some Pete the Cat lovers in your classroom or at home, you are definitely going to want to check out these Pete the Cat printables and activities that make learning fun.

Pete the Cat Printables

You’ll find some fun Pete the Cat printable activities below. If you know a child or many children whose favorite blue cat is Pete then these are perfect for you. So, grab a couple of books, maybe a guitar, and get ready to have some fun.

Pete The Cat Activity Pages

What better place to find some Pete the Cat printables than his very own website? You’ll find so many fun activities, and there are so many pages to explore. Your child can complete a printable word search, crossword puzzle, cat coloring pages, and more.

Source: Pete The Cat Books

Water Bottle Labels

Throwing a Pete the Cat birthday party? Grab these free Pete the Cat water bottle labels. They’ll make your water bottles groovier and more festive. If you don’t have any birthday parties coming up, don’t worry. You can throw a Pete the Cat party any day. Remember he loves to sing and dance whenever given the chance.

Source: Birthday Buzzin

Pete the Cat Coloring Sheets

If you have a child who enjoys coloring and loves the Pete the Cat books, you may need some free printable coloring pages. There are many options, like Pete’s white shoes or groovy buttons. Plus, being free means you can print as many copies as you need. How many different Petes can your children create?

Source: i Heart Crafty Things

Pete the Cat Emergent Reader

When a child is just starting to read, they are considered an emergent reader. It is important at this time to really look for books that they enjoy and want to read. It helps foster the love of reading. This emergent reader book is all about Pete and will help your child read.

(Video) Pete The Cat Activities | Free Printables | Homeschool Preschool/Kindergarten

Source: Making Learning Fun

Sequencing Puzzle

Pete the Cat Rocking my School Shoes is a great back-to-school book. It’s also the perfect way to get your little one interested in a back-to-school letter puzzle. Let your child put together the alphabet and create a fun picture that includes some school images and, of course, Pete himself.

Source: Tot Schooling

Marvelous Maze

Can your child help Pete the Cat through the marvelous maze? A fun Pete the Cat activity that any child will enjoy. Just grab a pencil, marker, or crayon and see if your child can find the way out.

Source: Pete the Cat Books

Pete the Cat Calendar Cards

Kids love Pete the Cat, and if your child is one of them, then you may want to get these calendar cards for your home. The best thing about these cards is they do not need to stay on the calendar. They are the perfect number cards to practice number recognition, counting, odds, evens, etc.

Source: Kids Soup

Literacy Unit

It’s always helpful when someone creates a lesson guide. This free Pete the Cat literacy unit has everything you need to get your little learner reading, spelling, and writing, and it even includes a free color emergent reader book.

Source: Kinder Plans

Pete the Cat Activities

Button Cards

Grab some colorful buttons and construction paper. You can easily make a fun number recognition and counting activity using both. Your child will love these counting cards. Just line them up and have them count out the correct number of buttons to match each letter.

(Video) Read Aloud: Pete the Kitty's First Day of Preschool by Kimberly and James Dean

Source: Frog Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

Shapes Artwork

It’s always fun to see what a child can create when given just a few pieces of paper and some directions. In this shapes activity, you want to see if your little one can create Pete the Cat out of different shapes. Grab some blue paper and cut it into rectangles, squares, circles, and triangles, and see if your child can put together a Pete.

Source: Kids Soup

The Shoe Book

Let your little one decide which color shoes the cat should wear with this simple shoe book. Your child can write a sentence about the shoes or how much they love them. This activity is a fun learning activity that helps with letter formation, sentence structure, color recognition, and more.

Source: Doodlebugs Teaching

Sorting the Shoes

Pete the Cat: I Love My New Shoes is probably a favorite Pete the Cat book. What better way to engage your child in learning than using real shoes? Gather some pairs of colorful shoes from around your house and let your child sort them into pairs, groups, etc. You can have them sort the shoes by color, height, laces, or no laces. The possibilities are endless.

Source: Buggy and Buddy

Perfect Pizza

Want to create your own Pete the Cat perfect pizza? This activity is a fun way to practice the letter sound /p/. Your child can create the perfect pizza using the picture cards provided. They can put candy, fruit, veggies, and more.

Source: Growing Book by Book

Tying Shoes

Before kindergarten, it is always a good idea to practice shoe tying. Just grab a piece of white paper and this free printable Pete the Cat shoes template. Add some yarn or old sneaker laces, and let your child start trying. You can even have them color and decorate the shoes however they like. Then, they can then practice on their own shoe.

(Video) Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes

Source: Coloring Home

Pete the Cat Color Activities

It’s great when you can use multiple books to teach the same skill. Help your little one learn color words with different activities. Get children matching colors, playing games, and more with all of these fun Pete the Cate color word activities.

Source: TeachWithMe

Pete the Cat Button Game

If you want to practice shape recognition with your child, you must grab this fun button game. You and the other players compete to see who can fill in their missing buttons first. It is a great way to have fun and help young children with shapes. Retails for $22.99

Source: Apple Educational Supplies

Where’s Pete?

Has Pete hidden in your home or school? Kids love searching for Pete and following his different colored shoe prints after reading about his new school shoes or his new groovy shoes. See if your children or students can find Pete in this scavenger hunt.

Source: Pre-K Pages

Pete the Cat Crafts

Pete the Cat Headband Craft

It’s always nice when a craft doesn’t require many supplies. This simple Pete the Cat headband requires just three things. Blue and yellow construction paper and a black marker. A simple headband that is perfect for children to wear while reading the books.

Source: Rubber Boots and Elf Shoes

Groovy Button Bracelet

Pete’s groovy buttons are all different colors, and your child can use pipe cleaners and large buttons to create a super groovy bracelet of their own. This fun activity helps children practice fine motor skills and color recognition.

(Video) Pete the Cat: Rocking in My School Shoes | Kids Book | Read Aloud | Read Along | Sing Along

Source: Coffee Cups and Crayons

Pete the Cat Puppet

Do your children wish they had their own Pete the Cat? This paper bag craft is absolutely adorable and is the perfect companion activity after reading about Pete’s buttons. All you need is some colored card stock and the printable template.

Source: Simple Everyday Mom

Pete the Cat Online

Pete the Cat Cartoon

Pete the Cat is such a popular guy that he even has his own show on Amazon. He and his friends go on many adventures and help teach children valuable lessons. If you and your child haven’t sat down and tuned in yet, it’s a must see. These coloring sheets are not only focused on the books but also on the cartoon. Your child can color some of his or her favorite characters.

Source: Verb Now

Cool Cat Boogie

If you have children who love to dance, you will want to check out this cool cat boogie YouTube video. Your child can learn all the moves to the boogie and enjoy singing along with the song!

Source: Harper Kids

Pete the Cat just knows how to let the good times roll. These Pete the Cat printables and activities are going to have your child dancing, playing air guitar, and begging to read some more Pete the Cat books before bedtime.

Learning activities like the ones mentioned above do not only help with developmental and educational skills but help children gain confidence and a love of reading and books.


What is the lesson of Pete the Cat? ›

And we love the moral of Pete's story: “No matter what you step in, keep walking along and singing your song… because it's all good.” This “don't sweat the small stuff” message is a great one for children to take in. Plus, no one's groovier than Pete! Activity: Talk to your child about the story!

What does Pete the Cat teach children? ›

Written & Illustrated by Kimberly & James Dean. This Pete the Cat book can help children learn how to manage emotions through changing their perspective. It's a fun way for kids, youth or even adults to see how we can change our outlook even without magic sunglasses!

What color is Pete the Cat? ›

Pete is a short anthropomorphic cat of with spanish blue fur, naples yellow eyes, an alice blue triangle-shaped nose, one thumb, three whiskers on each cheek, and a spanish blue tail.

What does Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons teach? ›

"Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons" is appealing for a number of reasons. It's a clever concept book that focuses on the numbers 1 to 4, subtraction and counting down.


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